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What is She’s Crafty?:  It is a paint your own pottery studio that comes to you!


Who are we?: My name is Lucy and I am originally from the Richmond, VA area!  I have spent the past 20+ years in Atlanta, GA.  After enjoying great jobs in the corporate area, I decided to do something crazy and leave that security to start my own business.  I had a successful studio in Atlanta and now hope to continue that success in pottery parties on the go here in the Richmond area!


How it works?:  We will work with you on choosing pottery pieces that you would like offered at your event.  We show up at that event with the pottery, paints and all supplies necessary to create a one of a kind piece of useful art!  We then take the items back to the kiln, fire them and deliver them to you, the host, in about 5-days.


I am not an artist – how do I create a nice piece?:  We have plenty of fun glazes and techniques that are fool proof!!  You wont’ believe how well your piece will turn out!


Are classes offered?:  Yes!  For groups of 6 or more She's Crafty will hold a workshop where I guide you step-by-step and everyone paints the same thing!


What is the cost?:  For adult functions it is $24, for kids functions it is $16 - $20 and for scouts the price ranges $10 - $16.


Can I use the painted pieces?:  Yes!  All items are food, microwave and dishwasher safe.


Can we make our own pieces?:  Yes!  We can have hand-building sessions where pinch pots, coil items and slab boxes are made.


Do you do donations?:  Yes!  We can donate an item for an auction.  If you would like She’s Crafty to participate in a fundraising event we can do that as well and 20% of proceeds will go to your cause.




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